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BUYability is an online promotions company offering innovative, money-saving, ‘Home Efficiency’ products and services to UK homeowners and landlords.

Customers can save up to 70% off a carefully selected range of eco-friendly, energy efficient products designed to cut emmissions and minimise waste at the same time as enhance the value of any property and reduce home running costs.

BUYability’s team take great care sourcing and selecting each individual offer to ensure that only the very best value products and services appear in our promotions.

As internet commerce continues to expand and consumer confidence grows, so does the bewildering array of web sites, products and services on offer. The credibility of the merchant, the price and quality of the product, the usability of the web site, after-sales service, speed, security and functionality are all important factors in making each purchasing decision. All these factors together define BUYability’s mission to help its customers quickly identify the best value Home Efficiency products and services on the web.

BUYability is not only strong on product research, it also builds close relationships with suppliers and has strong partnerships with many leading brands. BUYability often negotiates unique and exclusive deals and provides free information to customers about the latest offers on their favourite Home Efficiency products.

This Antivirus Site was conceived and created with the sole aim of assisting both ‘technical’ and ‘non-technical’ computer users to make an informed purchasing decision for the right antivirus software to suit their particular circumstances. With numerous antivirus software vendors to choose from, all claiming to be the best, we have set out to provide FREE, uncomplicated and unbiased advice about which products are good value, which work best and which ones to avoid.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. If you choose to purchase a product from us as a result of a recommendation from this site, we will usually earn a small fee. This helps to pay some of our costs for updating and maintaining the site. However, our aim is to provide quality, objective advice so that you find the best antivirus software for your needs and we never compromise on the integrity of that advice for the sake of a quick sale. We will always endeavour to offer the widest possible range of products so that you can choose the brand that suits you best and we negotiate hard to make sure that the discount prices in our shop are amongst the cheapest available in the UK. Manufacturers cannot pay for a better review, nor for a higher position in our rankings, nor do we accept gifts of free software except the absolute minimum required for evaluation purposes.

We always strive to make our comments, opinions and product ratings as impartial as possible and we endeavour to provide an accurate overview of all the main manufacturer, product and service choices available. Your own personal experiences, opinions and preferences may ultimately differ from ours, so we welcome your feedback if you feel the ranking of a particular product is unfair and we will happily publish alternative views.

We are confident you will find the information contained in this site to be of great value in making your antivirus purchasing decision.

Please feel free to browse this site or visit the main BUYability web site for more information on our work and the full range of products and services currently available: www.buyability.co.uk

Remember – Always check the small print when purchasing any goods or services online. If you have any comments, queries or feedback about this site please fill in the form on the Contact Us page